A La Robe

Recipe for disaster:

It doesn’t matter what the recipe is as long as you live in Auckland where you literally have four seasons in one day. The wind was so strong our cupcakes went flying, the cake had to be guarded by the models (who then got hungry and started eating it), I guarded the macaroons with my life (those are the biggest little sh*ts to make and there was no way a freakin storm was going to rain on my macaroon parade!!), the fur – Oh God the fur!! Rain and fur do not go together – AT ALL, let alone hours of work on hair and make up.

This shoot had a team of over 20 dedicated people lugging equipment across a rocky beach in the pouring rain and stormy winds only to have the sun come out and shine when we put the last chair into the back of a car and stood there soaking wet. A fleet of cars headed from one end of Auckland to the other in rush hour traffic to catch the sunset lighting and although NOTHING went to plan the photos are proof that if you’re good at what you do, you can make the best of any situation.

To read more and see more photos head over to Lydia’s Blog. All styling done by Jane Mow.

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