Our Story

Sprinkle Headshot2

Born a hefty 14 pounds – not a day early nor a day late, my poor tiny Mother had to have my fat ass cut out of her. People thought she was having twins but now everyone knows I ate my twin. According to her she ate a lot of chocolate and cakes when she was pregnant with me but little did she know she was feeding a future cake decorator and connoisseur, it also helps to have a family line of bakers  in the genes. It was because of my XL size as a child that I was nicknamed Miss Piggy by one of my Aunts, the name is still alive many years later and I found it only appropriate to name such a business so close to home after myself.
Leaving a forensics degree halfway to help look after an ill family member turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The spark for baking and decorating was re-lit and a huge push from friends and family convinced me that a natural passion and talent was the right path to take. I started to go through all the old cook books and hand written recipes, some recipes came from my Grandparents in Germany in the 1800’s! I was so excited to try all of them out, but I contained myself, picked one recipe and gave it a shot, I followed the recipe exactly and waited a whole hour for the cake to slowly rise. The time had finally come – cooled, ganached and ready to be sliced up and devoured. I’m not gonna lie, it tasted like $#!%. Turned out I swapped out the sugar and salt – lesson number 1# ALWAYS label your containers. After months of perfecting this recipe, our ever popular, moist chocolate cake was born – I still take the trophy for heaviest baby in the family though.

The support of friends and family has helped me and the rest of our team achieve this goal so far. The continuous support of our customers is what will take us to the next level, who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself walking into a Miss Piggy’s Cakes shop…

..To be continued…


Special thanks to our AMAZINGLY talented friend Megan for designing our logo, all the way from Hawaii.  You can find more of her amazing creations HERE