April 2014

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Purple Blossom & Pink Hydrangea: Tutorial

I make a lot of these flowers ahead of time and store them. They’re really popular on cupcakes too so

Blue & Yellow Flowers: Tutorial

This one actually uses another one of my previous tutorials: Ruff Stuff. When I created my ruffle pom poms I

Red Flower: Tutorial

Someone said to me that these look like poppies, call it whatever you will, but from now on, you’ll be

Purple Flower: Tutorial

I love these, you can make them any size and any height you want:   I’m hoping the pictures are

Spring Flower Cake Tutorial

March 2014

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Bumblebee Tuna


February 2014

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Spray & Wipe Away

Miss Piggy's Cakes Airbrush & wipe cake with ruffle pom poms

Ruff Stuff

Ruff Stuff Ruffle

Happy 3-Ohhh…

A good friend of ours hit another milestone in his life and turned 30. He looks nowhere near 30 and

January 2014

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A Caribbean “Surprise”


December 2013

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Sugar Cookie Madness – Simplified

Before someone goes into ‘attack’ mode because you don’t agree with what i’m saying, this is my opinion based on

It’s Personal

November 2013

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Rich, Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

For those of you that follow us on Facebook, you’ll know the story of how I came up with this

April 2013

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2 Minute Rose Tutorial

2 Minute Roses

♥ Feature Friday ♥ 05.04.13

March 2013

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♥ Feature Friday ♥ 15.03.2013

That’s a wrap!

♥ FEATURE FRIDAY ♥ 08.03.2013

February 2013

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Cupid is a Genius!

DIY Table Numbers

Cheap & Free Party Decorations

December 2012

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Thank YOU!

October 2012

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Behind the Scenes

You get what you pay for…

Bad Ass

Spring Is Here…

A La Robe

Brown Sugar


September 2012

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I ♥ Eggs

NO Sugar added.

Unfluffy Cloud

Rock The Custard

Cool Random Stuff #1

Captain’s Log…

January 2012

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Lilly Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret

LLVC – Wunderbar Spectacular Photos

December 2011

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Auckland City Mission

                              This Christmas seems to be

City Mission Photos

The start of Miss Piggy’s Cakes