Blue & Yellow Flowers: Tutorial

This one actually uses another one of my previous tutorials: Ruff Stuff. When I created my ruffle pom poms I couldn’t help but notice the pieces looked like little carnations which is what inspired this Spring Flower Cake in the first place.



To understand better how the blue flowers are done, check out the Ruff Stuff tutorial in the link above.

A few tips on this one:

  1. When you’ve cut your stem off at the length you want it, you’ll have a flat end like in the picture on the right in the first row. Just use the tip of your finger and roll that flat end into a point like in the second row. This will be the top of your stems. You don’t have to do it this way, I do it because I think it looks neater as the bottoms of the blue flowers are tapered too so it makes it easier for you to connect them more cleanly.
  2. Like I said in the previous post, if you don’t have mini circle cutters, you can use the ends of piping tips to get your small circles, or anything else you have around that is the size you need, just make sure it’s clean first.
  3. When you’ve made your blue ruffle flowers, you can put one or two per stem or even three, it’s up to you how you want it to look, like I said, no rules, we just do things as a guide for you.
  4. If the ends of the blue ruffles are too ‘chunky’ for you, just gently roll it between your fingers to thin it like i’ve pointed out in row four.

Yellow Flowers: These are just 2 sizes of the blossom plunger cutters which I have used.

Click here to see these flowers on the finished cake.