Brown Sugar

I’m waaaaaaaiting….waiting for the damn cake to cool and the ganache to cool and i’m pretty cool. I dislike this part, especially when it’s late at night and my brain isn’t functioning and i’m dragging everything out because…I don’t know why, I just do.

I’ve prepared myself for another sleepless night, oh you think i’m joking but i’m pretty cereal right now HA!!!

I decided to investigate some new music as the CD in the car is on repeat and i’m sick of it (Oh my did I just say CD!? Woah! MP3 you haven’t conquered the world yet, my precious). What a disappointment to find that all the ‘latest releases’ are a bunch of technological sounds put together, what happened to people using their voices and talent and experiencing life situations to inspire a song??? Did you know without music we would die? (<— First comment – “of course! music is our soul! if no soul no brain donno what we will think then we will eat anything we can find and bacteria and germs will get into our body and THEN we’ll die.” – HAHAHAHA!!!!!)

Forget the new, let’s go back to old, I shall leave you with none other than Mr. Brown Sugar himself;

D’Angelo: Cruisin’ – Orchestra + Hot Backup Singers + USA polo + Voice of awesomeness = Music – Keepin’ it real…Dawg…Word to you Mother.

My God I need sleep!!!



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