Captain’s Log…

I got told be a few people recently, that I should start writing a blog for my site…I wanted to laugh but the last time I got told to do something and laughed at the idea – Miss Piggy’s Cakes happened, so perhaps I should learn from my mistakes and give this a shot.

I have a lot of friends involved in the high end of fashion and I see a trend, not only with their sites but all other fashion sites too – “What I’m wearing today”. So here goes: Blinding orange socks, black pants, purple jumper, purple apron, two smudged flour handprints, a chunk of cookie dough that has now become one with my button, a blue ¬†food gel stain and half a cup of water that just landed in my lap. It’s a ‘Whimsical Bohemian’ style – S#!% son! I look dashing!

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