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Bumblebee Tuna

Everything comes at once, or not at all. I have just had one of the craziest weeks of my life! I am of course to blame because I have these things called “feelings” and I ‘felt’ sorry for those with last minute panic situations and said: “Of course I can make that cake for you!”, knowing in the back of my mind, it’ll take me at least 5 hours to complete that cake, on top of all the other orders I already have and what’s that? The phone is ringing for another order on the same day just as another email for the next day pops up!?! OH MY FREAKING GOOFBALLS!!!!!!!! Could y’all just chill.

So I said yes to all. It resulted in over 48 hours straight of work and then another few hours to travel up North to deliver a Wedding Cake and what’s even better is that it’s supposed to be Autumn here in NZ but the sun decided to shine like we were in the middle of the Caribbean that day. Someone is testing me, but they forget, I have big balls so BRING IT!

Speaking of balls, have I got something to show you guys! Umm…you may want to make sure the kids are no where near your screens and you better make sure you’re not checking out these pics at work, unless your boss loves naughty cakes then you can all take five and gather round the screen because Miss Piggy’s Cakes said so!

I got an email for a Hen’s night cake (yeah, you know it already), it was one of those that I said yes to because I have ‘feelings’, plus I needed something humorous to break up the 48 hour workathon.

It was 1am on Friday morning and I managed to carve out this beauty right here, I have to say, i’ve never made one before, so i’m rather happy with how it “came” out (HA!).

Carved Penis Cake


I actually couldn’t stop laughing at this stage, partially because I was so happy with my first attempt and there was a huge lack of sleep issue, but also because I was imagining someone walking into the kitchen to see this at 1am in the morning…hahahaha it still makes me laugh. I mean really, imagine you’re half asleep, and you walk into the kitchen for a cold glass of milk, or water, or juice or whisky and you open the fridge door to find….


Oh! Hello there!

Oh! Hello there!

HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA oh man, i’m so immature. I don’t care. It makes me laugh.

So here’s the finished product, I think he’s rather pretty. TheBestIsYetToCum

And here’s a balls-eye-view for you all


Excuse me, your balls are showing. Bumblebee Tuna” – Hahahahahaha I love that movie!

Inappropriate Tshirt available from Zazzle.

Miss Piggy's Cakes Airbrush & wipe cake with ruffle pom poms

Spray & Wipe Away

If you checked out our Ruff Stuff post yesterday, this is another ‘how to’ for part 2 of the cake shown in that post.

I had more attention on the ruffle pom poms but almost as much for the painting on the sides of the cake. So with the encouragement of Nina from Make Pretty Cakes who is not only a cake genius but also a tutorial genius, I have made this for you all.

I tried this effect with a paintbrush but I didn’t like the lines it left and although the make up sponges leave lines too, it is much softer and more subtle than the harsh effect I had with brushes. Of course you can go ahead and do the same with a brush if that’s your preference, i’m just letting you know exaaaaactly how I did it.

As usual, with anything I do, there are no right or wrong rules, just a general idea to achieve the effect so don’t be scared that you’re “doing it wrong” – this is art, creativity has no rules and no limits.



Miss Piggy's Cakes Airbrush 'n wipe Tutorial


  • My make up sponges came from the $2 shop.
  • If you are using more than one colour, start with your lightest colour first and lightly airbrush it on, layer on more colour till you reach the intensity YOU want.
  • When airbrushing on colour, I like to keep the colour within 1/4 – 1/2 way up the sides of the cake to allow room to drag the colour upwards with your sponge.
  • Vary the height you spray up the cake so when you drag the colour with your sponge, it allows for the random pattern to happen naturally.
  • Some make up sponges come in a more rectangular shape, if that is the case with yours, cut them on an angle (as seen in row 2), by doing this, your sponge will do all the work and you just hold it at the same position and drag to achieve this effect (as seen in row 3).
  • The side of the sponge you will be using on the cake needs to be lightly dipped in clear alcohol or extract. Squeeze out as much as you can, you only need it to be slightly damp, this helps you blend out the colour instead of ‘rip off’ the colour. It also helps if your colour has dried before you have time to blend it as the alcohol works into the colours. Too much liquid in your sponge can result in a dull effect, the whole point of this is for an array of colour to be seen.
  • Use similar colours or shades. Red and Green may look cool for Christmas but blend them together and you’ll have poop!
  • After you have blended out your colours, finish off the bottom with a colour of your choice (within the theme) airbrushed on. As you can see in row 4, we finished it off with a regal purple.
  • If you want to soften the intensity of colour, you can airbrush on a light coating of pearl metallic food paint like we did in the last picture of the last row of the ‘fire’ cake, the Rainbow Dust products work really well for us.
  • If you’re new to airbrushing and you don’t want to spend a fortune on specialised paint, you can just use supermarket food colours, they work well too.
  • LIGHT HANDS!!!! Light everything, less IS more, don’t buff the cake with the sponge, don’t soak the cake in colour, don’t soak the sponge – if you’re not sure, practice on a scrap of fondant first.
  • I’m left handed, most of you will have a cake with the effect going the opposite way to what I’ve got in the photos.
  • If you don’t have an airbrush, you can lightly sponge on your colours then use a clean sponge or the clean side lightly dipped in clear alcohol and squeeze out the excess then wipe away.


Again, I hope I’ve covered everything, I hope I make sense and I really, really hope this inspires a million other designs for you. It is so quick and easy no one will believe it’s this simple. I had a few people message me on facebook asking how I did it and I said “Lightly airbrush a colour or two, some shimmer if you like and wipe away with a makeup sponge” – I never got a reply from any of them, they must think I’m an a$$hole…hahaha!

If you have any questions or concerns, leave us a comment or email us. We would LOVE to see what you come up with so either email us a photo or slap it up on our Facebook wall.

P.S. I’m not an a$$hole, it really is that simple.

Ruff Stuff Ruffle

Ruff Stuff

I made this cake over the weekend for a very special person’s Birthday, I like to call her my Fairy God-Mother, naturally, the cake needed to be just as magical! I used elements of the ocean and the birthstone of February to come up with a more artistic approach to ‘waves’ and ‘sea sponges’ encompassed in granules of Amethyst.



My ‘sea sponges’ attracted a lot of attention and I had quite a few of you ask how to make them. I know there are a few tutorials out there that already offer you how to make these and I tried them all but none of them gave me the effect I wanted, some weren’t ruffled enough that the ‘gaps’ were bugging me so much, some were too heavy I had to stick raw spaghetti in for support so this is MY WAY of making these ruffle hemisphere…ball…pom pom…things…If you don’t like it, it’s cool, don’t get your knickers in a spool.

Ruffle Pom Pom Tutorial


  • Make sure you use GUMPASTE not fondant.
  • My 10, 8, 4 rule is generally correct but can vary sometimes. The outer circle of ‘frills’ uses 10 ruffles, the middle circle of frills uses 8 and the inner circle uses 4 but can sometimes take more.
  • Whatever the size of circle cutters you use (I use the Ateco Round Cutters) make sure there are TWO sizes between your large cutter and small cutter (I used the 2″ cutter  - base circle, and the 1 1/4″ cutter – ruffle circles), this will allow for the general “10,8, 4″ rule.
  • You use both your index fingers and thumbs to make the ‘x’ shape with the frilled smaller circle and then pinch it together at the bottom and slightly rolling the tail into a cone shape (as seen in row 2).
  • Make sure the start of the ‘neck’ of your first layer of ruffles starts at the edge of the circle of fondant (as seen in row 3).
  • The next layer of frills always starts in between TWO of the previous frills/ruffles, this eliminates ‘holes’ in your ruffle pom pom…thing…
  • Sometimes the last ruffle is a tight squeeze so use the end of your paintbrush or a small, smooth tool to manipulate a bigger gap, place the last ruffle in and use the same tool to manipulate the ruffles the way you want it to look.
  • You can play around with different colours, in the bi-coloured ruffle pom pom I applied the 10,8,4 rule alternating between purple and blue to get a stripe effect.

If I don’t make sense or you’re not sure, leave a comment or send me an email and i’ll be happy to help :)


Happy 3-Ohhh…

A good friend of ours hit another milestone in his life and turned 30. He looks nowhere near 30 and acts nothing like 30, I’m pretty sure he’s going to outlive all of us with his secret fountain of youth which we still can’t find.



The rest of this post contains photos of BooBee’s – cake boobeeeeees, so by default that makes it NSFW also if you have children around, perhaps you should wait till they’re not around.


Oh, so you still want to go ahead with this?








Everyone had to dress up as their favourite TV/Movie/Cartoon Character so we went with Jersey Shore – Fo’ Sho’!

Jersey Shore

The turnout was awesome, the party was awesome, it was a fun night, I even got free drinks (non-alcoholic of course) from the bar for being sober driver – WOOHOO!!! Actually, I just want to mention how great the service from the bar staff was and the friendliness. If I lived closer I would have all my functions there!

But what’s a party without cake? According to Julia Child, it’s just a meeting. I assure you, this was NO meeting, so here’s the cake in all it’s glory and the Birthday boy in his insanely awesome costume – in case you don’t watch Game of Thrones, click here —> Khal Drogo



And here’s a couple of other shots of the cake:


I have never seen so many people at a party taking a photo of the cake, it’s pretty awesome to make these creations out of edible mediums, it’s something else to see people gathering around your work.

Hope you’re alive and kicking today Ameer!

From all of us Guidos, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

GTL – It’s T-Shirt tiiiiiime!



A Caribbean “Surprise”

First post of 2014 and it’s going to be an eventful one, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, I trust you over stuffed yourselves and indulged quite nicely over the holiday season – that’s what they’re there for!

My Mum’s Birthday is at the most inopportune time, TODAY actually, BIGGEST HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to my amazing Wonder Woman Mumma!!!! It’s a time when everyone is still away on holiday or surviving on the lint in their pockets.

Aside from this big event we decided to host, I also kept my Business open during the holidays and that weekend just happened to be the one over filled with orders. Let me tell you now – “Sleep is for the weak” was either spoken by a Robot or they meant to say ‘Lack of sleep will make you weak’, DO NOT EVER sacrifice sleep, you will only get yourself into more problems.

So on top of all the cake orders, my brother and I and one of my Mum’s friends tried to plan a surprise party for My Mum which is stressful enough but then she found out when the marquee people called the HOUSE! When they came to set up they had the wrong size, it was too small, luckily they had a spare in the truck – crisis averted. The caterers were late and we were in a panic, at the same time I had to deliver three orders, on top of that it was 11am on Saturday morning and I hadn’t slept since Thursday morning, well actually, I went to bed at 7am on Saturday morning and woke up at 8am so technically I had an hour ‘nap’.

I wanted to make My Mum a Malibu bottle and thought I’d be smart and dowel the thing only because I just had to carry it downstairs… Everything was going wrong, the humidity was killing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

I baked a total of 8 cakes (to stack), cake no.1 was a disaster, it decided to get it’s gangsta lean on and just wouldn’t do what I wanted it to and eventually when it did do what it was supposed to, bulges started appearing like a growth that wouldn’t subside.

Umm…I got a little hungry, if you can’t already tell…it tasted amazing!! Vanilla and Summer Berries with white chocolate ganache. Looks like a$$ though.

Cake No.1

Cake no.2 WAS working, till I realised that I forgot to dowel the actual cake layers and went downstairs to figure out how to fix it only to return to a cake flopped on its side in pieces…

Cake2Cake 2











Although it may look like it’s still whole, when I picked it up it was crushed to death by it’s own weight…I really should have slept before attempting this a second time.

It was now 5am on Saturday, I and was no closer to the finishing of this freeeeeeeaaaaakin’ bottle cake. I was exhausted, my brain had actually stopped working, I would go down stairs to get something and had no idea what I was doing there, I don’t give up easily but this was a very rare moment where I felt I was out of options. My Mum woke up to me crying and we turned it into a Caribbean Island which looked more like Hulk Poop. I did add a few more things to make it look like a “joke” and I was too tired to care. Of course my Mum “Loved it” but only because she’s my Mum and THANK GOD it wasn’t for a customer although if it was I would have done a proper job.


The beautiful and colourful mini cupcakes in the back were made by #BabyPiggy


I’m seriously considering sending this into Cake Wrecks  or nominating myself for “sh!t cake of the week” with Cake Dame Ednah. My favourite shot is Jack Sparrow running away from Borat’s mankini clad body and Tom Hanks being all “Wiiiiiiilsooooooooooon” and Wilson’s all “I’m outta here!” because that’s how sh!t my Island is. I also just realised that my ‘rocks’ look like dog kibble… OH GOD! 

Glad to say I had a chance to fix things today on her actual Birthday with this fancy number right here:


I was actually supposed to be a pineapple but then I found out that my brother’s shrimp suit was quite good for hiding inside and taking a nap and so, a Prawn Star was born.


(Credits to Sarah Fo’Shizzle for the “Prawn Star” name)

Sugar Cookie Madness – Simplified

Before someone goes into ‘attack’ mode because you don’t agree with what i’m saying, this is my opinion based on my tastebuds and what I was looking for in a sugar cookie. I am not Law, although sometimes I think I am but I do know that this will benefit a few people out there.

I am sure that many of you are still on the hunt for the perfect sugar cookie and just like me you have tried many recipes and all the tricks to go along with them, especially when you refrigerate the dough before baking the cookies to prevent ‘spreading’ but somehow what entered the oven as a sharp, pointed Christmas tree, emerged as Frosty the Snowman. WHY!!!???!!!!!

I’m not going to lie, my favourite part about sugar cookies is eating them, i’m not a fan of decorating them, i’m pretty sure I have slight ADD and cannot do repetitive work for a long time, I get so bored all of a sudden that I feel like this even if it means checking the mail box:



So here are my 3 recipes, trialed over and over to make sure it wasn’t a stroke of good luck and they’re all pretty simple and easy to follow.

1. THE ‘FLAVOUR QUEEN’: All Recipes – Sugar Cookies

These cookies taste amazing and it’s the vanilla extract that really gives these their superior flavour. There is a slight crunchy exterior with a soft, faint, chewy interior. My mouth is actually watering just thinking about them. They don’t always hold their shape though, but you can roll them quite thinly and pick them up off your floured surface without it cracking or stretching. These were meant to be sharp, pointed Christmas trees but the flavour is enough for you not to care what they look like.

Here you can see how thin we rolled them.

Here you can see how thin we rolled them.

Here's how much 'spread' they got even after chilling them in the fridge.

Here’s how much ‘spread’ they got even after chilling them in the fridge.









2. THE ‘DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD’: The Party Times – Sugar Cookies (which is actually a recipe from Peggy Porschen)

These cookies will hold their shape no matter what! Even if there’s crazy thunder and lightning during a perfectly sunny day that you think it’s an apocalypse; take these babies out of the oven and they are still in perfect shape. I’m not too fond of the taste and texture of these though, they taste like a plain, sweet biscuit and they’re pretty crunchy. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos before I cut the fondant and stuck it on but you can see how close to exact the fondant and the cookies are. If you’re making Christmas cookie ornaments, i’d say this is a perfect recipe for them.

3. THE ‘BEST OF BOTH WORLDS’: Sweetopia – Sugar Cookies

The title says it all about this one, if you want flavour and shape in one, this is your go to recipe! We recently used this recipe on our Flower Fairy (Images by CICELY MARY BARKER) Cookies.

We needed these cookies to look a bit effortless but if you pay attention to the corners of some of these, they're pretty sharp, also they don't brown as much as other cookies which is always a bonus.

We needed these cookies to look a bit effortless but if you pay attention to the corners of some of these, they’re pretty sharp, also they don’t brown as much as other cookies which is always a bonus.

If you give any of these a go this holiday season, let us know how it went for you or post pictures to the wall on our facebook page. Oh and Christmas is only 8 days away…HOLY FLIP WHERE DID THE YEAR GO!?!

It’s Personal

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know I don’t like to get personal on my professional page, actually, I don’t get personal on my own page or in real life because I feel uncomfortable talking about my feelings – I hate the “tell me how you feel” stuff because “I feel” that I need to punch your face, but sometimes there is so much emotion involved in something that you need to get personal or you’ll explode.

It has taken me over 24 hours to write this. I have deleted it and started it so many times I lost count. I have re-read it so many times and thought: “I’m sharing too much” but I think I need to do this and so, I write this with a heavy heart.

There are lessons to be learnt in all situations in life, no matter how big or small. Yesterday I farewelled a great friend’s Father. His death was expected, but even though you prepare you are never ready to say goodbye. You can imagine all the ways it may end, but when the time comes, it is nothing like you imagined, nothing like you thought you had prepared for, nothing can prepare you for the rollercoaster of emotions you just landed on. Your head and your heart work together and they work against each other. You feel sad. You feel happy. You laugh. You cry. You feel empowered. You feel weak. You feel lost, confused, alone…you feel alone yet there are so many people around you, so many people offering support. You still feel alone.

Your parents are there to guide you, help you, fight with you, love you, teach you, and do everything they can to provide the best, for YOU. That moment they are taken away, it all comes and hits you at once. Not only have you lost a great love but you now need to figure out a lot more on your own than with the safety net you had. You see the life drain from them in their final moments in this world but your brain is overpowering your heart thinking that they’ll come back, it was all just a cruel joke…but then the strength of your heart kicks in and overpowers your brain, slowly. As your brain backs down and reality sets in you start thinking of the future. He won’t be there for your Wedding, he won’t be there for your first born or your last born, or their Birthday’s or any more of your Birthday’s and just the thought of these things alone is enough to send a lingering, crushing pain right to your chest.

Staring at a ‘shell’ that was once filled with life is one of the most confusing things I have ever experienced, it looked like my Dad but it was not my Dad, it was a reminder of what WAS before that image is sealed forever. It taught me to appreciate those around me more than I had in the past. It gave me the push I needed to do what I wanted to do and not what I thought I needed to do to make everyone else happy. 

Death is inescapable. It is the part of life that comes unannounced to remind those who are left to appreciate what you have. Death can take you anytime, anywhere – it doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, happy or sad, famous or not. Make sure it takes you from a life that you are happy to leave behind. Don’t be so quick to get mad (I say to myself more than you), don’t be so quick to judge but be quick to forgive. Make patience and understanding a compulsory part of your day. Not everyone is as lucky as some of us who expected the death of a loved one and had the chance to prepare. Happiness is a choice, it is also the most powerful and most weakest emotion – try to choose it more often than you have.

My Dad always said: “mai un male senza un bene” – “Never a bad without a good”. I smile at this quote more than normal now because I started baking when I was 11 for fun. When I was 23 my Dad was suddenly in and out of hospital, I took time off Uni to help look after him and to fill my time I baked everything and anything and then I started to decorate. A day before my 24th Birthday I was told my Dad had a large tumour in his large intestine and had three months to live. Three months later, he was gone – The bad. Two months later, Miss Piggy’s Cakes was officially registered – The Good.


Parents don’t have to be the people that gave you life, sometimes parents can be anyone that has acted as a Mother or Father to you. They are wise people. Love them, learn from them and appreciate them while you still can.


Rich, Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

For those of you that follow us on Facebook, you’ll know the story of how I came up with this recipe, for those of you that don’t – It all started with some pinning on Pinterest and a mouth watering picture with the words “quick & easy” written in quirky writing above a handsome slice of gooey chocolate cake. I thought – “no way, this is too good to be true, I have, no, I NEED to make this, NOW!”

You know when you’re so excited to eat something, you can taste it, like your mind starts playing games with you, you’re imagining that first mouthful, the flavours, the textures, the awesomeness, so much that your mouth starts to over-salivate it hurts!!! Yeah….and then the cake was done and I took a bite and almost lost a tooth due to the unmentioned texture of ROCK in the recipe. “Gooey” my a$s!!!

So here’s our SIMPLE AND EASY flourless chocolate cake. It has a soft outer crust with such a rich, dense gooeyness inside, she’s dangerous – don’t say I didn’t warn you, oh and before I forget, it’s pretty darn tasty straight out of the fridge too!

As there’s no flour in this cake (duh!) it’s obviously not going to rise much so depending on how large and flat or small and chunky you want it is up to you, however the one in the photo was made with an 8 inch round pie/tart pan. You can use a normal cake tin or springform pan just make sure whatever you’re using is well greased and/or well lined with baking/parchment/wax paper.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

So here’s what you’ll need (We weigh everything so most of this is in grams however if you don’t use kitchen scales i’ll put the estimated ‘cup’ measurments in):

175g (or 1 cup) Good quality chocolate  (I love dark chocolate but not too dark – everything in moderation right? So I used Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate but you can use whatever you love, except white because you’re going to add cocoa…or maybe that’s something new waiting to happen…I don’t know, i’ve never done it)

120g (or 1/2 cup) butter (if it’s salted – skip the salt, if it’s unsalted – add 1/4 teaspoon salt)

150g (or 3/4 cup) granulated white sugar

3 large eggs (we used size 7′s)

100g (or 1/2 cup) cocoa powder (sifted)

1/2 teaspoon instant coffee (powder or granules)

And here’s what you do:

Preheat oven to 160 degrees celsius for fan force or 180 for normal.

1. In a large saucepan on low heat, melt the chocolate and butter. When both ingredients are half way through melting, add in the instant coffee and stir until everything is completely melted and smooth. Be patient, you don’t want to burn the chocolate or coffee as this will give you a bitter tasting cake.

2. Add in your sugar and salt and continue to stir. When the sugar has almost completely dissolved, remove the saucepan from the heat.

3. Add the eggs, one at a time, whisking until each is almost incorporated then after the addition of the last egg, whisk until the mixture is smooth and glossy.

4. Add in your sifted cocoa powder and mix until the batter is smooth.

5. Pour your cake batter into your prepared baking pan/dish of choice and bake for 20-25 mins (this depends on your oven so just check it at the 20 minute mark, if you tap the top gently and it wobbles, it still needs a few more minutes but I don’t recommend you go PAST the 25 minute mark or you’ll get more dry brownie than gooey cake.)

6. Cool cake in pan/dish on a wire rack then transfer your cake to your display plate of choice. You can leave it as is and serve it with it’s BFF – Fork, or a side of cream or ice cream, you can top it with berries and a dusting of icing sugar, you can make a runny ganache and drip it over the top or drizzle melted chocolate across the top but whatever you do, START SMALL, this is a rich piece of deliciousness right here I tell ya!



2 Minute Roses

2 Minute Rose Tutorial

Yes, it really does take 2 minutes! You can add more petals if you want a fuller flower or only add one layer of petals if you want to leave it as a rosebud – either way there are no rules, there is no right or wrong and yes, ‘practice’ really does make ‘perfect’.

You know that saying “all roads lead to Rome”? Well this is my road to Rome and it’s full of roses!


You’ll need a ball tool, paint brush, 5 petal cutter (whichever size you prefer), small rolling pin, some gumpaste, CelPad or any type of non-stick FIRM foam, non-stick surface to roll out your gumpaste and a small pot of water or egg whites to use as ‘glue’.









STEP 10:

STEP 11:

STEP 12:

STEP 13:

STEP 14:


  • lydiaarnold-misspiggy’s-237
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  • Alisha

♥ Feature Friday ♥ 05.04.13

The end of another short week has arrived quicker than it started and with the end of Summer nearing (you can tell by the cold mornings we’re starting to get) and what an awesome Summer it was (still is), I thought we’d splash out all the colour that this go-getter, creative beauty produces for customers world wide from right here in our back yard.



I had to steal this off her facebook page because she’s too shy to slap her face up on her awesome website – she may kill me haha!!

WHAT: Owner of Something Epic (Yes, they really are affordable and yes you can get it custom made in ANY colour(s) you want!)


WHEN: About the same time as I met Jane Mow, so 8 years ago – WOW!

WHERE: Based in the City of Sails but her products have spread like wildfire across the world.

WHY: You can always count on this girl to brighten up your day with her warming, perfect smile. She’s the first one to put her hand up and help you with whatever you need, even if it means driving across the country after work. In our recent campaign photoshoot, I needed jewellery that could easily work with anything and everything – Something Epic was Something PERFECT! Lish was on board and had a table spread of handmade products for us to use (photo below).



Photography:Lydia Arnold

Here are some behind the scenes snaps which I took from here.

As for those of you thinking they’re affordable because the quality isn’t that great – TOTALLY THE OPPOSITE! Although at the moment they only come in gold (which is fine because I love gold! HA!) it is a heavy duty chain, I wear mine nearly every day and it still looks new, and to make it even better, each bracelet now comes with a signature pink silk tie-off and a 14K gold plated tag – how’s that for style and class!?! They make pretty meaningful gifts too, I recently went to a friends baby shower, she already has one boy and just had another boy, I got her a bracelet made with 2 different shades of blue to represent her 2 sons. Those of you getting married can even get a set customised for your bridesmaids to match their outfits and even better, they can use it for any occasion after the wedding. Colours have meaning so work this product to your advantage especially because it’s so easily customised to anything you want.

Check out SOMETHING EPIC even if it’s not for you because it is an awesome website and I guarantee something will catch your eye and make you think of someone it would be perfect for!