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NO Sugar added.

How cool am I!?!

How the heck do you manage to purchase every damn thing on your shopping list plus a side of unnecessary chips and dip and not buy the gigantic sack of sugar!!! Sometimes I just piss myself right off.

My gosh i’m a fool, who took it old school, and added honey instead – blessing in disguise! Vanilla honey cake a la accidente.

This post was brought to you today by “Special” moment # 7823

Unfluffy Cloud

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with cakes but equally as awesome and cool! Made from 6,000 light bulbs – a mix of brand new and blown out. You can read more here

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Rock The Custard

Food for thought <— For some reason these words fit nicely into the whole theme of things but goodness this saying annoys me!

For those of you not familar with Etsy it is a social commerce site that focuses on handmade/vintage items and arts and crafts supplies – go get familiar! When you are familiar with this site go and search for Rock the Custard – I want more walls so I can hang all her pieces on it!! You know what that means – my future shop will be covered in these babies – LOVE them!! #Obsessed

  • Wedding Certificate from the White House

Cool Random Stuff #1


If you’re getting married and you send your Wedding invitation to the White House, they send you a signed certificate back? How cool is that!?! Not sure if that only applies to the USA though or if anyone in the world can get one back…If anyone outside of the USA has done this, let me know!




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Captain’s Log…

I got told be a few people recently, that I should start writing a blog for my site…I wanted to laugh but the last time I got told to do something and laughed at the idea – Miss Piggy’s Cakes happened, so perhaps I should learn from my mistakes and give this a shot.

I have a lot of friends involved in the high end of fashion and I see a trend, not only with their sites but all other fashion sites too – “What I’m wearing today”. So here goes: Blinding orange socks, black pants, purple jumper, purple apron, two smudged flour handprints, a chunk of cookie dough that has now become one with my button, a blue  food gel stain and half a cup of water that just landed in my lap. It’s a ‘Whimsical Bohemian’ style – S#!% son! I look dashing!

  • Lilly Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret

Lilly Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret

Last Friday and Saturday night, MPC was lucky enough to cater for LLVC – Wunderbar Spectacular. An eventful night filled with amazement, laughter, excitement, thrill and and a three piece jazz band that sets the stage and atmosphere for the rest of the night.

Nat and her team were setting up The Basement  from 8.30am Friday morning up until 6pm Friday (troopers!!) when the MPC team arrived to set up their enticing morsel’s of cake. Our cucpakes were on display for those brave enough to give them a go and it surely made even the most skeptical cupcake connoisseurs Mmmelt at the first bite. We even had a handful of repeat customers – L♥VE repeat customers!

The beautiful and very talented Vivien Masters was busy all night transforming three blank pages into breath taking portraits of Venus Star, Lilly Loca and Anastasia Elektra, her work will be up for auction on trademe in one week. Check out her facebook page for more details!

Thank you to all of you that supported us this weekend – without people like you, Miss Piggy’s would be bacon.

  • Packaging and Boxing Up
  • Adding fondant
  • Special Elves
  • City Mission Angels
  • One Box Down…
  • Only 1000 left to make!!
  • Volunteers
  • Magical Helpers
  • Done!

City Mission Photos

Volunteers helping out with decorating and packaging cookies for the Auckland City Mission Christmas Lunch 2011.