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Purple Blossom & Pink Hydrangea: Tutorial

I make a lot of these flowers ahead of time and store them. They’re really popular on cupcakes too so it saves time when you’re making some for an order to just make extra and store them.



I think you all get how this one works, just a few things to note when using the molds, you don’t need to press hard, lightly will get all the details you need. You can put a bit of shortening or dust with cornstarch to make the demolding process easier.

Egg cartons are magical, there are so many more uses for them than you can think of. I use them to dry butterflies in and upside down on for different wing action, I use them to hold mini cupcakes in place, I store all my dusts and glitters in them but I cut them into quarters and stack them on each other and I only have one colour theme per quarter which makes it so much easier to grab the colours you need. If you’re worried about the food safety side of things, you can cover these in tin foil or thin paper napkins, the reason I don’t say cling film is because if you’re going to use this to dry flowers like we have in the above picture, it will never dry as long as it’s in contact with cling film and you will cry. So save your tears and save your cling film.

Click here to see these flowers on the finished cake.

Blue & Yellow Flowers: Tutorial

This one actually uses another one of my previous tutorials: Ruff Stuff. When I created my ruffle pom poms I couldn’t help but notice the pieces looked like little carnations which is what inspired this Spring Flower Cake in the first place.



To understand better how the blue flowers are done, check out the Ruff Stuff tutorial in the link above.

A few tips on this one:

  1. When you’ve cut your stem off at the length you want it, you’ll have a flat end like in the picture on the right in the first row. Just use the tip of your finger and roll that flat end into a point like in the second row. This will be the top of your stems. You don’t have to do it this way, I do it because I think it looks neater as the bottoms of the blue flowers are tapered too so it makes it easier for you to connect them more cleanly.
  2. Like I said in the previous post, if you don’t have mini circle cutters, you can use the ends of piping tips to get your small circles, or anything else you have around that is the size you need, just make sure it’s clean first.
  3. When you’ve made your blue ruffle flowers, you can put one or two per stem or even three, it’s up to you how you want it to look, like I said, no rules, we just do things as a guide for you.
  4. If the ends of the blue ruffles are too ‘chunky’ for you, just gently roll it between your fingers to thin it like i’ve pointed out in row four.

Yellow Flowers: These are just 2 sizes of the blossom plunger cutters which I have used.

Click here to see these flowers on the finished cake.

Red Flower: Tutorial

Someone said to me that these look like poppies, call it whatever you will, but from now on, you’ll be folding your flowers – WHAT!?!


I think these are much easier to follow than the tall purple one next to it, pay no attention to my messy cutting, I was rushing through it all before the next cloud came through and the sun went stupid. I think the only thing I need to point out here that isn’t clear is when you place your centres on, you can leave them as is with that dome of the ball sticking out or you can tap it in with your small ball tool. You can see the comparison in the last row, first photo.

Click here to see this flower on the finished cake.

Purple Flower: Tutorial

I love these, you can make them any size and any height you want:



I’m hoping the pictures are self explanatory but i’ll add in a few tips just in case.

  • Don’t worry about how the ‘top’ of your stem looks, it’ll get covered up anyway.
  • Roll little balls, whatever size you prefer but make sure they’re all approximately the same size.
  • Lightly brush on some water in the area you want to cover with ‘petals’ and place your first ball at the top of this watered area. Using a small ball tool, squish down from the centre of the ball and drag to the bottom to form a ‘v’ shape like you see in the second row on the right. You don’t need to press hard, just enough to get the effect.
  • For every 2 petals you put on, drag the ‘v’ towards the centre ( as seen in row 3 on the right) so the ends of these petals will be hidden by the next single petal that goes on.
  • In the 4th row, I am just showing you the different ‘ending’ options you can have with the same flower.
  • If you want to add little leaves, roll short pieces of left over ‘stem’ fondant into little sausages with pointed ends, cut them as long or as short as you want and again, use the ball tool to round out the ‘flat’ end to make it look more like a leaf shape.

Click here to see this flower on the finished cake.

Spring Flower Cake Tutorial

FINALLY!!!!! We’re both screaming it, but for different reasons, but because you asked so nicely and you were all so polite when I asked if it was worth making a tutorial for this, here she is. You’ll have to excuse the lighting in these as the sun decided to play hide and seek with the clouds that day so it was really inconsistent light.

I’m sure most of you remember this cake? It did a few rounds on facebook.

I’ve split this tutorial into sections for each of the flowers I made on this cake so it’s easier to follow and if you only like a specific part you can pin that and not everything. You may just facepalm at how simple these are to make and they’re super quick too!

I’ve linked them all below, I know, i’m super nice. Click the links below and hopefully it’ll take you to the right place. As usual, with everything I do, THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I read on other decorators pages “I was told that you shouldn’t do it that way” – WHY!?! If it works for you, then do it your way. Creativity isn’t black or white, so why should it be wrong or right? <— I should really start a cake rap….Mmmm Cheese and bacon wrap….STOP! Hammer time! Let’s get to work people, this is serious stuff.

For you, my loves:

Grass – this is actually my ‘spray and wipe away‘ technique but instead of wiping on an angle, I just wiped straight up.

Purple and red flowers – These may look like a lot of work but what makes it quicker than you think is that it’s all free hand work, no perfection needed.

Blue and yellow flowers – You’ll need mini circle cutters and blossom plunger cutters but if you don’t have those, any mini blossom cutter will work and you can just smoosh (love that word) them together with a small ball tool. As for the mini circle cutters, the open end of a piping tip will cut small circles.

Purple Blossom & Pink Hydrangea – Don’t underestimate the power of an empty egg carton!


I hope this helps some of you, inspires you and motivates you to give it a go, such a beautiful finish for something so simple. Please email us or post your projects on our facebook wall, we would LOVE to see what you come up with.



Miss Piggy's Cakes Airbrush & wipe cake with ruffle pom poms

Spray & Wipe Away

If you checked out our Ruff Stuff post yesterday, this is another ‘how to’ for part 2 of the cake shown in that post.

I had more attention on the ruffle pom poms but almost as much for the painting on the sides of the cake. So with the encouragement of Nina from Make Pretty Cakes who is not only a cake genius but also a tutorial genius, I have made this for you all.

I tried this effect with a paintbrush but I didn’t like the lines it left and although the make up sponges leave lines too, it is much softer and more subtle than the harsh effect I had with brushes. Of course you can go ahead and do the same with a brush if that’s your preference, i’m just letting you know exaaaaactly how I did it.

As usual, with anything I do, there are no right or wrong rules, just a general idea to achieve the effect so don’t be scared that you’re “doing it wrong” – this is art, creativity has no rules and no limits.



Miss Piggy's Cakes Airbrush 'n wipe Tutorial


  • My make up sponges came from the $2 shop.
  • If you are using more than one colour, start with your lightest colour first and lightly airbrush it on, layer on more colour till you reach the intensity YOU want.
  • When airbrushing on colour, I like to keep the colour within 1/4 – 1/2 way up the sides of the cake to allow room to drag the colour upwards with your sponge.
  • Vary the height you spray up the cake so when you drag the colour with your sponge, it allows for the random pattern to happen naturally.
  • Some make up sponges come in a more rectangular shape, if that is the case with yours, cut them on an angle (as seen in row 2), by doing this, your sponge will do all the work and you just hold it at the same position and drag to achieve this effect (as seen in row 3).
  • The side of the sponge you will be using on the cake needs to be lightly dipped in clear alcohol or extract. Squeeze out as much as you can, you only need it to be slightly damp, this helps you blend out the colour instead of ‘rip off’ the colour. It also helps if your colour has dried before you have time to blend it as the alcohol works into the colours. Too much liquid in your sponge can result in a dull effect, the whole point of this is for an array of colour to be seen.
  • Use similar colours or shades. Red and Green may look cool for Christmas but blend them together and you’ll have poop!
  • After you have blended out your colours, finish off the bottom with a colour of your choice (within the theme) airbrushed on. As you can see in row 4, we finished it off with a regal purple.
  • If you want to soften the intensity of colour, you can airbrush on a light coating of pearl metallic food paint like we did in the last picture of the last row of the ‘fire’ cake, the Rainbow Dust products work really well for us.
  • If you’re new to airbrushing and you don’t want to spend a fortune on specialised paint, you can just use supermarket food colours, they work well too.
  • LIGHT HANDS!!!! Light everything, less IS more, don’t buff the cake with the sponge, don’t soak the cake in colour, don’t soak the sponge – if you’re not sure, practice on a scrap of fondant first.
  • I’m left handed, most of you will have a cake with the effect going the opposite way to what I’ve got in the photos.
  • If you don’t have an airbrush, you can lightly sponge on your colours then use a clean sponge or the clean side lightly dipped in clear alcohol and squeeze out the excess then wipe away.


Again, I hope I’ve covered everything, I hope I make sense and I really, really hope this inspires a million other designs for you. It is so quick and easy no one will believe it’s this simple. I had a few people message me on facebook asking how I did it and I said “Lightly airbrush a colour or two, some shimmer if you like and wipe away with a makeup sponge” – I never got a reply from any of them, they must think I’m an a$$hole…hahaha!

If you have any questions or concerns, leave us a comment or email us. We would LOVE to see what you come up with so either email us a photo or slap it up on our Facebook wall.

P.S. I’m not an a$$hole, it really is that simple.

It’s Personal

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know I don’t like to get personal on my professional page, actually, I don’t get personal on my own page or in real life because I feel uncomfortable talking about my feelings – I hate the “tell me how you feel” stuff because “I feel” that I need to punch your face, but sometimes there is so much emotion involved in something that you need to get personal or you’ll explode.

It has taken me over 24 hours to write this. I have deleted it and started it so many times I lost count. I have re-read it so many times and thought: “I’m sharing too much” but I think I need to do this and so, I write this with a heavy heart.

There are lessons to be learnt in all situations in life, no matter how big or small. Yesterday I farewelled a great friend’s Father. His death was expected, but even though you prepare you are never ready to say goodbye. You can imagine all the ways it may end, but when the time comes, it is nothing like you imagined, nothing like you thought you had prepared for, nothing can prepare you for the rollercoaster of emotions you just landed on. Your head and your heart work together and they work against each other. You feel sad. You feel happy. You laugh. You cry. You feel empowered. You feel weak. You feel lost, confused, alone…you feel alone yet there are so many people around you, so many people offering support. You still feel alone.

Your parents are there to guide you, help you, fight with you, love you, teach you, and do everything they can to provide the best, for YOU. That moment they are taken away, it all comes and hits you at once. Not only have you lost a great love but you now need to figure out a lot more on your own than with the safety net you had. You see the life drain from them in their final moments in this world but your brain is overpowering your heart thinking that they’ll come back, it was all just a cruel joke…but then the strength of your heart kicks in and overpowers your brain, slowly. As your brain backs down and reality sets in you start thinking of the future. He won’t be there for your Wedding, he won’t be there for your first born or your last born, or their Birthday’s or any more of your Birthday’s and just the thought of these things alone is enough to send a lingering, crushing pain right to your chest.

Staring at a ‘shell’ that was once filled with life is one of the most confusing things I have ever experienced, it looked like my Dad but it was not my Dad, it was a reminder of what WAS before that image is sealed forever. It taught me to appreciate those around me more than I had in the past. It gave me the push I needed to do what I wanted to do and not what I thought I needed to do to make everyone else happy. 

Death is inescapable. It is the part of life that comes unannounced to remind those who are left to appreciate what you have. Death can take you anytime, anywhere – it doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, happy or sad, famous or not. Make sure it takes you from a life that you are happy to leave behind. Don’t be so quick to get mad (I say to myself more than you), don’t be so quick to judge but be quick to forgive. Make patience and understanding a compulsory part of your day. Not everyone is as lucky as some of us who expected the death of a loved one and had the chance to prepare. Happiness is a choice, it is also the most powerful and most weakest emotion – try to choose it more often than you have.

My Dad always said: “mai un male senza un bene” – “Never a bad without a good”. I smile at this quote more than normal now because I started baking when I was 11 for fun. When I was 23 my Dad was suddenly in and out of hospital, I took time off Uni to help look after him and to fill my time I baked everything and anything and then I started to decorate. A day before my 24th Birthday I was told my Dad had a large tumour in his large intestine and had three months to live. Three months later, he was gone – The bad. Two months later, Miss Piggy’s Cakes was officially registered – The Good.


Parents don’t have to be the people that gave you life, sometimes parents can be anyone that has acted as a Mother or Father to you. They are wise people. Love them, learn from them and appreciate them while you still can.


  • Heart Egg

I ♥ Eggs

Check out this simple and clever Japanese technique that Anna The Red shows us how to do.


  • StresseddessertS

Rock The Custard

Food for thought <— For some reason these words fit nicely into the whole theme of things but goodness this saying annoys me!

For those of you not familar with Etsy it is a social commerce site that focuses on handmade/vintage items and arts and crafts supplies – go get familiar! When you are familiar with this site go and search for Rock the Custard – I want more walls so I can hang all her pieces on it!! You know what that means – my future shop will be covered in these babies – LOVE them!! #Obsessed

Auckland City Mission
















This Christmas seems to be a tough one. More tough than usual though. The Auckland City Mission has been running low on food and the demand for help has increased.

What most people don’t know or understand is that there is a screening process and a limit to food parcels that these people in need apply for and they really have to show that they are in ‘need’.

We decided to help out by donating 2000 cookies for the Christmas lunch this year and we had a bunch of volunteers to help decorate – Check out all the photos here!