Happy 3-Ohhh…

A good friend of ours hit another milestone in his life and turned 30. He looks nowhere near 30 and acts nothing like 30, I’m pretty sure he’s going to outlive all of us with his secret fountain of youth which we still can’t find.



The rest of this post contains photos of BooBee’s – cake boobeeeeees, so by default that makes it NSFW also if you have children around, perhaps you should wait till they’re not around.


Oh, so you still want to go ahead with this?








Everyone had to dress up as their favourite TV/Movie/Cartoon Character so we went with Jersey Shore – Fo’ Sho’!

Jersey Shore

The turnout was awesome, the party was awesome, it was a fun night, I even got free drinks (non-alcoholic of course) from the bar for being sober driver – WOOHOO!!! Actually, I just want to mention how great the service from the bar staff was and the friendliness. If I lived closer I would have all my functions there!

But what’s a party without cake? According to Julia Child, it’s just a meeting. I assure you, this was NO meeting, so here’s the cake in all it’s glory and the Birthday boy in his insanely awesome costume – in case you don’t watch Game of Thrones, click here —> Khal Drogo



And here’s a couple of other shots of the cake:


I have never seen so many people at a party taking a photo of the cake, it’s pretty awesome to make these creations out of edible mediums, it’s something else to see people gathering around your work.

Hope you’re alive and kicking today Ameer!

From all of us Guidos, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

GTL – It’s T-Shirt tiiiiiime!


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