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Bumblebee Tuna

Everything comes at once, or not at all. I have just had one of the craziest weeks of my life! I am of course to blame because I have these things called “feelings” and I ‘felt’ sorry for those with last minute panic situations and said: “Of course I can make that cake for you!”, knowing in the back of my mind, it’ll take me at least 5 hours to complete that cake, on top of all the other orders I already have and what’s that? The phone is ringing for another order on the same day just as another email for the next day pops up!?! OH MY FREAKING GOOFBALLS!!!!!!!! Could y’all just chill.

So I said yes to all. It resulted in over 48 hours straight of work and then another few hours to travel up North to deliver a Wedding Cake and what’s even better is that it’s supposed to be Autumn here in NZ but the sun decided to shine like we were in the middle of the Caribbean that day. Someone is testing me, but they forget, I have big balls so BRING IT!

Speaking of balls, have I got something to show you guys! Umm…you may want to make sure the kids are no where near your screens and you better make sure you’re not checking out these pics at work, unless your boss loves naughty cakes then you can all take five and gather round the screen because Miss Piggy’s Cakes said so!

I got an email for a Hen’s night cake (yeah, you know it already), it was one of those that I said yes to because I have ‘feelings’, plus I needed something humorous to break up the 48 hour workathon.

It was 1am on Friday morning and I managed to carve out this beauty right here, I have to say, i’ve never made one before, so i’m rather happy with how it “came” out (HA!).

Carved Penis Cake


I actually couldn’t stop laughing at this stage, partially because I was so happy with my first attempt and there was a huge lack of sleep issue, but also because I was imagining someone walking into the kitchen to see this at 1am in the morning…hahahaha it still makes me laugh. I mean really, imagine you’re half asleep, and you walk into the kitchen for a cold glass of milk, or water, or juice or whisky and you open the fridge door to find….


Oh! Hello there!

Oh! Hello there!

HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA oh man, i’m so immature. I don’t care. It makes me laugh.

So here’s the finished product, I think he’s rather pretty. TheBestIsYetToCum

And here’s a balls-eye-view for you all


Excuse me, your balls are showing. Bumblebee Tuna” – Hahahahahaha I love that movie!

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