Purple Blossom & Pink Hydrangea: Tutorial

I make a lot of these flowers ahead of time and store them. They’re really popular on cupcakes too so it saves time when you’re making some for an order to just make extra and store them.



I think you all get how this one works, just a few things to note when using the molds, you don’t need to press hard, lightly will get all the details you need. You can put a bit of shortening or dust with cornstarch to make the demolding process easier.

Egg cartons are magical, there are so many more uses for them than you can think of. I use them to dry butterflies in and upside down on for different wing action, I use them to hold mini cupcakes in place, I store all my dusts and glitters in them but I cut them into quarters and stack them on each other and I only have one colour theme per quarter which makes it so much easier to grab the colours you need. If you’re worried about the food safety side of things, you can cover these in tin foil or thin paper napkins, the reason I don’t say cling film is because if you’re going to use this to dry flowers like we have in the above picture, it will never dry as long as it’s in contact with cling film and you will cry. So save your tears and save your cling film.

Click here to see these flowers on the finished cake.

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