Purple Flower: Tutorial

I love these, you can make them any size and any height you want:



I’m hoping the pictures are self explanatory but i’ll add in a few tips just in case.

  • Don’t worry about how the ‘top’ of your stem looks, it’ll get covered up anyway.
  • Roll little balls, whatever size you prefer but make sure they’re all approximately the same size.
  • Lightly brush on some water in the area you want to cover with ‘petals’ and place your first ball at the top of this watered area. Using a small ball tool, squish down from the centre of the ball and drag to the bottom to form a ‘v’ shape like you see in the second row on the right. You don’t need to press hard, just enough to get the effect.
  • For every 2 petals you put on, drag the ‘v’ towards the centre ( as seen in row 3 on the right) so the ends of these petals will be hidden by the next single petal that goes on.
  • In the 4th row, I am just showing you the different ‘ending’ options you can have with the same flower.
  • If you want to add little leaves, roll short pieces of left over ‘stem’ fondant into little sausages with pointed ends, cut them as long or as short as you want and again, use the ball tool to round out the ‘flat’ end to make it look more like a leaf shape.

Click here to see this flower on the finished cake.