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I made this cake over the weekend for a very special person’s Birthday, I like to call her my Fairy God-Mother, naturally, the cake needed to be just as magical! I used elements of the ocean and the birthstone of February to come up with a more artistic approach to ‘waves’ and ‘sea sponges’ encompassed in granules of Amethyst.



My ‘sea sponges’ attracted a lot of attention and I had quite a few of you ask how to make them. I know there are a few tutorials out there that already offer you how to make these and I tried them all but none of them gave me the effect I wanted, some weren’t ruffled enough that the ‘gaps’ were bugging me so much, some were too heavy I had to stick raw spaghetti in for support so this is MY WAY of making these ruffle hemisphere…ball…pom pom…things…If you don’t like it, it’s cool, don’t get your knickers in a spool.

Ruffle Pom Pom Tutorial


  • Make sure you use GUMPASTE not fondant.
  • My 10, 8, 4 rule is generally correct but can vary sometimes. The outer circle of ‘frills’ uses 10 ruffles, the middle circle of frills uses 8 and the inner circle uses 4 but can sometimes take more.
  • Whatever the size of circle cutters you use (I use the Ateco Round Cutters) make sure there are TWO sizes between your large cutter and small cutter (I used the 2″ cutter  – base circle, and the 1 1/4″ cutter – ruffle circles), this will allow for the general “10,8, 4” rule.
  • You use both your index fingers and thumbs to make the ‘x’ shape with the frilled smaller circle and then pinch it together at the bottom and slightly rolling the tail into a cone shape (as seen in row 2).
  • Make sure the start of the ‘neck’ of your first layer of ruffles starts at the edge of the circle of fondant (as seen in row 3).
  • The next layer of frills always starts in between TWO of the previous frills/ruffles, this eliminates ‘holes’ in your ruffle pom pom…thing…
  • Sometimes the last ruffle is a tight squeeze so use the end of your paintbrush or a small, smooth tool to manipulate a bigger gap, place the last ruffle in and use the same tool to manipulate the ruffles the way you want it to look.
  • You can play around with different colours, in the bi-coloured ruffle pom pom I applied the 10,8,4 rule alternating between purple and blue to get a stripe effect.

If I don’t make sense or you’re not sure, leave a comment or send me an email and i’ll be happy to help 🙂



  1. 11 February, 2014 at 2:33 pm ·

    OMG you are soooooooo awesome Zeenaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!! wow how on earth did I not see this on my newsfeed ughhh…. its stunning and so pretty and I love everything about it <3 you rock chicky <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!

    • 11 February, 2014 at 5:41 pm ·

      Ahh Mel, my Hype Girl hahaha thank you so much! The great thing about this is it’s actually really simple to do, doesn’t take long at all but looks like it took forever to make and the end result is beautiful! I’ll put a tutorial together for how to paint the sides – it is soooooo easy you won’t believe it!

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