Spring Flower Cake Tutorial

FINALLY!!!!! We’re both screaming it, but for different reasons, but because you asked so nicely and you were all so polite when I asked if it was worth making a tutorial for this, here she is. You’ll have to excuse the lighting in these as the sun decided to play hide and seek with the clouds that day so it was really inconsistent light.

I’m sure most of you remember this cake? It did a few rounds on facebook.

I’ve split this tutorial into sections for each of the flowers I made on this cake so it’s easier to follow and if you only like a specific part you can pin that and not everything. You may just facepalm at how simple these are to make and they’re super quick too!

I’ve linked them all below, I know, i’m super nice. Click the links below and hopefully it’ll take you to the right place. As usual, with everything I do, THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I read on other decorators pages “I was told that you shouldn’t do it that way” – WHY!?! If it works for you, then do it your way. Creativity isn’t black or white, so why should it be wrong or right? <— I should really start a cake rap….Mmmm Cheese and bacon wrap….STOP! Hammer time! Let’s get to work people, this is serious stuff.

For you, my loves:

Grass – this is actually my ‘spray and wipe away‘ technique but instead of wiping on an angle, I just wiped straight up.

Purple and red flowers – These may look like a lot of work but what makes it quicker than you think is that it’s all free hand work, no perfection needed.

Blue and yellow flowers – You’ll need mini circle cutters and blossom plunger cutters but if you don’t have those, any mini blossom cutter will work and you can just smoosh (love that word) them together with a small ball tool. As for the mini circle cutters, the open end of a piping tip will cut small circles.

Purple Blossom & Pink Hydrangea – Don’t underestimate the power of an empty egg carton!


I hope this helps some of you, inspires you and motivates you to give it a go, such a beautiful finish for something so simple. Please email us or post your projects on our facebook wall, we would LOVE to see what you come up with.