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Cupid is a Genius!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again where a single rose goes from $5 to $15 (at least), where chocolate hearts and teddy bears fill every shelf in every store and love is in the air. Where some single people celebrate being single on this ‘couples’ day and where other’s feel sorry for themselves. Where kids at school are most likely more cruel than the grown up world and find a weak spot in their victims or where chivalry still exists and a true gentleman comes shining through. Love it or hate it – this commercialised day has become a bigger thing as the years go by in New Zealand.

I’m not really a Valentines Day sort of person, but I appreciate it. My Dad wasn’t a V-Day person either, he always used to tell us it’s such a commercial day and that you shouldn’t need one day to show someone that you love them – he was however a very romantic person. Mum was a bit more into Valentines Day, so he did this for her. Every Valentines day Dad would buy Mum a single red rose, sometimes a huge bunch of red roses, as he got older it was me that was sent out with the money to buy the roses for her, from him – looking back now, I think he was training me up for what was yet to come. He passed away almost two years ago but my Mother still gets her Valentines day flower(s), each year I know she thinks the flowers won’t come, or there’s nothing planned but I still get the money in my account and it still says “flowers”: “True Love Never Dies”.

My Dad used to be a Civil Engineer and worked for the EU as a Diplomat for the German Embassy. My Brother and I were raised in a way with set rules, manners and behaviours, we were taught how to treat people and how people should be treated and both parents led by great examples. Having grown up knowing certain things, I love watching couples (and people in general – but not in a creepy, stalker-ish sort of way…) as they enter/exit a building, enter/exit a car, walk down the street. I love that middle aged- elderly couples still have the man opening the door for his lady and even better opening her car door for her to get in, such a simple gesture with such powerful meaning (no boys, this doesn’t mean you’re a “p*ssy” if you do this, this doesn’t mean you’re “uncool”, this doesn’t mean you’re “whipped”). On the other hand ladies, as much as you may think you are a Queen, it is still nice to be polite so thank him (and while you’re all warm in the car after he closes the door, you could lean over and open his door)!! I do see more and more of the younger generation holding doors open for their girls so maybe there is hope for the future, the car door thing though is not as popular and I can understand why, but once in a while – try it.

I’ll leave you with this. Ahhh, the beginnings of love hahahaha!

Gay, Straight, Single, Bi-, whatever it may be, just make sure you at least love yourself today.