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♥ FEATURE FRIDAY ♥ 08.03.2013

I believe in Karma.

I believe that what goes around, comes back around – cue JT!

I believe that cake makes the world go round – literally, but that’s why man invented exercise: This guy makes it look cool, fun and even included New Zealand in the video 😉 Yeeeaaah Buddy!

So here’s my idea, justified by the ^above but these people are so awesome that it really doesn’t need justification.

I have had so many friends step up and help me out with anything and everything, especially because I suck at asking for help and they’ve just offered to help out. Each Friday (or at least most Friday’s) i’m going to feature one of these amazing people that I am so lucky to have in my life. Whether they’re here for the long run, here for the moment or just here for today, they’ve all played a part in shaping me and/or my business, so this is how i’ve decided to thank them:

The FIRST Feature Friday EVER:


Here’s a quick look at some of her recent work!

“Just Casually” Styling Mr Stephen McIvor for the ASB Tennis Classics.


But Jane’s not all work and no play, here she is with a hand-full of balls! Haha!!!

WHAT: Designer/Stylist/Make up Artist/Most honest, straight up friend

WHEN: About 8 years ago is when I first met Jane (OMG Jane do you know how long ago that sounds – it’s like it was yesterday that this little 17 year old walked in and handed you her CV…HAHAHAHA!!!)

WHERE: Auckland, NZ & Europe

WHY: Jane’s had photo shoots in the past which I’ve helped out with (on the sweet side of things obviously, photo below), in return she’s devoted so much time and effort into doing a ‘Miss Piggy’s Cakes Campaign Shoot’ (stay tuned…)  that is going to blow your socks off and I can’t wait to show you all the photos. She has come so far in such a short time and constantly amazes me. If it wasn’t for her, I would never even have thought of doing a campaign shoot.