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That’s a wrap!

The planning for this day was a lot of work, the day itself was even more and the weeks of work put into  this photo shoot was insane, but to see the individual talents of each and every person on this set shine through, to turn a back yard in Mt Eden into a Vogue-esque setting was surreal and just the beginning of  all the magic that happened on set yesterday.

Of course no great photo shoot is ever done without a handful of drama, so here’s what really happened:

I brought everything, I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G over to my boyfriend’s house as he lives around the corner from ‘Landscape Mansion’. I stayed up to finish off a few things and when the sun started to rise I dropped him off in the City for Round the Bays, by the time I got back to his house it was locked…No one was home – a slight panic/Insert”French”WordsHere ran through my head. I needed to be on location in one hour and ALL my stuff is locked in a house that I am standing outside of, breaking and entering was not an option – for the first time everything was locked – WHYYYYYY!!!!???!!!!! I’m a good person! Why is this happening to me!?! Ok, breeeeeeeathe. His cousin arrived at the scene and we sat there trying to come up with a plan but just then one of the flatmates arrived and I was free at last! #LessonLearnt.

On top of a few smaller cake/humidity related disasters the frosting on the cupcakes turned into soup – delayed yet again! It’s ok; I tell myself, just breathe and add more icing sugar it will be fine. So I quickly mix up a new batch of frosting, not caring what it tastes like anymore but just caring enough that it will hold it’s shape long enough for the photos – 2 bags later (whaaaaaaaaaaat!?!) and we have some pretty average looking cupcakes but it’s good enough to make the feature cupcakes shine through. At this stage I am now in a panic, a slight sweat and it’s been about 38 hours since I’ve slept but somehow I manage to pull off this shot (kind of…).

So I pack up the car and shoot down the road just in time to catch my breath and then I am told we are down from 4 models to 1… *Breath in, breathe out*

At this point I remember that I am working with an extremely talented and amazing bunch of people and that no matter what, they can make it work, I don’t care that we are down to one model but I am grateful that I have her and this team. Within 15 minutes a plain white washed wooden table is transformed into a scene of girliness and fairytales – *cue Mariah Te Whana* and suddenly it is taken to a level of captivity, not only the whole set itself but the way that Lydia (photographer) and Mariah worked off each other, the way that Jane (stylist) and her assistant Brooke Hollows could almost read each others minds, the way that Gabrielle (make up & hair) transformed Mariah for each set in a matter of minutes and the way that Alisha from Something Epic not only made the AH-MAZ-ING arm candy but also took some epic shots with her camera in the background (which is where all these photos are from!). As I sat there completely dazed by how everyone was working and the ‘flow’ of everything from each set I couldn’t believe that this was for me – man am I one heck of a lucky girl, to have such talented friends that are willing to give up a weekend for me. I must have done something right, or at least I hope I have.

So for now, i’ll leave you all with some fun shots from yesterday (courtesy of Alisha):

Here’s a shot of Mariah stacked up with Something Epic bracelets in their new “Splash” range…

Here’s me wishing I looked like a model…                                                                                                                 But then I eat too many cupcakes…

And this is a shot of me and a couple of the magicians: Jane Mow and Gabrielle Houghton

And this…

Sail on Sailors!! And stay tuned for the upcoming photos…


Cheap & Free Party Decorations

WOW! First post of 2013 – I’m a bit behind, but I’m also a bit busy (that was probably obvious due to the lack of blog entries). This is most likely the latest “HAPPY NEW YEAR” ever, but I’m still closer to the start of 2013 than 2014, I wonder if there’s actually a time frame for when you should just not say ‘Happy New Year’…Hmm…excuse me while I Google….

QUESTION: When is it too late to say Happy New Year?

ANSWER: (My fav on Google) “It get’s ridiculous when someone says it to you in February or March…”  – So do I wait till April???


Ok, seeing as I’m ‘ridiculous’ Happy CHINESE New Year!!! (Soon my pretties, soon).

Anyway, this isn’t what I’m writing about today. I’ve been looking for all sorts of funky, cheap, fun, colourful, did I mention CHEAP ways to decorate the garage for a Birthday party, MY Birthday party. It’s not till March but I like to prepare in advance, especially if I’m ordering things from overseas. I’m having a “Fiesta” themed Birthday Party with a very dear friend of mine, mainly because I wanted to wear a giiiiigantic hat, wear a dirty moustache and for once look like a bad a$s with a fake cigar hanging out my mouth. I have discovered a world of “free” printable’s, cheap and effective decorating ideas and recycling ideas that would never in a million years cross my mind, so I thought I would share my top 5 with all of you!


In no particular order:

5. Home Made Photo Booth (say whaaaaaaat!?!): Get a refrigerator box, paint the inside, sparkle it up, stick material all over it, make a flower feature wall, whatever – let your creative juices spill out on the inside of this box, as long as it’s in theme. Find a nice little chair, or no chair and you have yourself a little photo booth.

Home Made Photo Booth

Alternatively you could just have a ‘feature wall’ as the back drop to your photos like this AWESOME Sequin Photobooth

Sequin Photo Booth

and print off some FREE photo booth props like these and stick them on skewers.  HOLY SMOKES! Look at how professional you look!

FREE Photo Props

4. FREE Themed printable’s (You heard): There are so many of these free ‘packages’ around, they mostly consist of Invitations, Bottle Labels, Cupcake Toppers, Little flags for drinks or food, “Thank you” cards (wow, there’s a word a lot of people don’t know how to say, teach them while they’re young!) and some even have food labels, like my fiesta one’s have margarita’s and guacamole labels…Mmm….Margarita’s….

FREE Themed Printables

3 & 2. Giant Paper Flowers & Paper Rosettes: In these two blog/tutorials, the flowers were used for a wedding and the rosettes were used as a backdrop – I’m thinking I should mix it up and stick a whole lot of both of these to the ceiling in the garage and turn the lights on, that way there’ll be a ‘glow’ to some of the flowers and just enough lighting for a party mood.

DIY Giant Paper Rose TutorialPaper Fan Rosettes

1. Just to add a bit more colour and height/depth – Streamer Chandeliers: Umm, yea, it’s pretty simple really and I don’t know why i’ve only JUST found out about this now. Look at how effective they are in that giant marquee in the photo.

Streamer Chandelier

I also just remembered another idea for cheap party lighting – balloons with glow-sticks  You can have these on the floor, floating in the pool, attached to string on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, wherever your heart desires that little glowing sack of air to be.

Go ahead, count up how much you’ve saved, you know you want to! And remember, these are just SOME of the money saving awesome idea’s I’ve found – If I have time to find these in between cakes and everything else, YOU have time to find yours.

The world is your canvas and you are the paintbrush – Ooooh how cheesy was that ;-)If you’ve got kids, get them to help out, if you’re a big kid (like myself) – get the other big kids to help out, I promise it’ll be fun and if you do end up making any of these, I would love to see them, so email them through to me and I may just slap it up here for the world to see…or on my facebook page – which is pretty much the world.